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Adaptive Rest Channel Rotation

Although this is a minor enhancement to MOTOTRBO, I think Adaptive Rest Channel Rotation is quite important. Normally in a Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus network, the Rest Channel will move to the next available slot once a call is set up. Therefore, if the system is quiet, the rest Channel will remain on the current repeater. On systems with long periods of no radio traffic, this could mean that the amount of TX time on a specific repeater could be more than the others, during such periods.

Adaptive Rest Channel Rotation (listed as Rest Channel Time Out Timer in the CPS) alliviates this by automatically and periodically switching the Rest Channel between repeaters in a round-robin sequence thus “spreading the load” in terms of TX time.

Adaptive Rest Channel Rotation is one of many new features and enhancements available in MOTOTRBO release 2.4.